For the purpose of the companyˇ¦s work with the highest guiding principle, the founder of Feng Hsin Steel revealed the companyˇ¦s operating philosophy -- Honest Management and Stable Growth since the establishment. The Philosophy allows all employees to follow, build consensus, and work for business sustainability.
    After years of development, Feng Hsin business has grown larger. Corporate governance is no longer limited object to itself, but extended to employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, governments, communities, society and the protection of the natural environment of public affairs, in order to establish harmonious and sustainable development of the enterprise and society. Corporate Social Responsibility policies ( as CSR ) of Feng Hsin Steel Co., Ltd to develop as follows:

  1. To obey national law, business ethics, honest management and stable growth.
  2. To develop sustainable homeland through environment protection, benefit people/society, cherish the resources, and implement carbon dioxide emissions policy.
  3. To provide a safe, healthy, cultivate talent, and labors/employers cooperation in order to create a harmonious relationship between employee and employer of working environment.
  4. To emphasis on corporate governance, and to ensure the interests of shareholders, employees and all stakeholders.
  5. Contribute neighborhoods, caring community development, dedicate in social welfare, and fulfill social responsibility.
  6. Revealing management information to public, strengthen business performance, and maintain investor interests.
    Chairmanˇ¦s Office is directly/indirectly in charge of propose and implement of CSR policies, and regularly report to the Board.